New Year – Fresh Start!

100_4179No, we don’t have any wintry weather to welcome 2017, but it’s nice to imagine a snow globe world while snuggling on a comfy couch with Mr. GearHead, a mug of Burlington hot cocoa and a soft, well-worn quilt.

DSC_0012Certainly, there are all kinds of wonderful things to do and exciting places to go and interesting people to meet … but maybe not today. Today is a great day for cooking …

Bebb Holiday Cabins2And reading …

Knowledge Dillsboro Art

And napping …


And that ultimate in list-making …2017 Resolutions! WhooWhee!

So many possibilities, so many hours in a year (8,736, actually), so much to experience, learn, share, enjoy!


Like many of you, most of my 2017 Resolutions come straight from my Bucket List, so I’m impatient to get going! I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures both big and small with each of you here at CreatzArt, and at DiscoveringHome . It will be great fun to post the many recipes I’m sure to gather along the way at Sinclaire Monroe’s Kitchen  – and in the midst of all this activity and creativity, I hope you will choose to share your talents, compassion, and abundance on Jane’s Day of Service next month.

Please stop by – or better yet subscribe/follow so you’ll never miss a post, recipe or special event. There’s always a place for you at the table, on the porch and on snowy days – in front of the fire!

Here’s to a Kind, Healthy, Caring, Inclusive 2017!


Changes Underway !!

Hello Dear Readers,

First of all, I want to thank you for clicking onto, reading and even following my blogs. As you know, it is terrific to learn from fellow bloggers’ comments, or to receive feedback from a new reader who just happened to stumble upon a post.

Whether you are a long-time friend or new visitor, I appreciate your time and interest.

In an effort to improve both blogs, I am tweaking things a bit. One big change is to change the names – but not the addresses – of the blogs.

The more visual blog, Laughing at the Top of the Stairs, will become simply   Creatzart.  The address will remain the same –  – so there is no need for you, the Reader, to do anything whatsoever.

The wordier blog, Creative Curiosity, will revert to its original name, DiscoveringHome . Again, the address will remain –   so you needn’t worry about missing a post or having to re-follow.

These changes will go into effect near the end of this month. I’m letting you know now to forestall any confusion arising from the new names. As you’ve seen, I have already played around with different themes, and plan to stick with these.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact me. Again, I appreciate your support and feedback.