Z is for Z’end

As the 2016 Blogging from A to Z Challenge comes to a close, I sincerely thank everyone who looked at, liked, commented upon, and shared my posts on this and my other two blogs (DiscoveringHome.com and SinclaireMonroe.com),  with friends, family and fellow-bloggers.

I know that I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering your blogs. I have been impressed with your creativity, and inspired by your talent. Thank you.

Below are some shots that I especially like, even if many were previously posted during this month-long-blog-a-thon. I hope you enjoy these pictures – and I hope you stop by again.

Y is for Yellowstone Yearning

The following pictures were taken while en route to Yellowstone National Park . I had every intention of posting pictures from our visit to the Park itself, but as I culled shots, it became clear that the drive westward was just as wonderful and equally special in that so much was new, so much was exquisite.

Of course, looking at these pictures on the screen while seeing the same vistas and gorges and natural wonders in my mind, I am painfully aware of the disparity between reality and even the best of snapshots.

I always thought it might be a nice place to visit, but there were so many other places I wanted to see first. Thank goodness my husband was on a quest to get to Yellowstone sooner rather than later. I was not prepared for its startling beauty. I never imagined that everything friends had said about the Park was far from hyperbole. Instead it was insufficient and sorely lacking in adjectives.

Well, enough verbiage. It’s time to let those thousand-word pictures do their jobs!

Driving down the road, it felt as if the entire world was overflowing with beauty.

If we had a month to travel from our Midwest home to Yellowstone, it would still have been too rushed a trip.

At one point it was so very dark and we were exhausted, but we drove on and on and on. Finally we saw small lights in the distance. I thought we were nearing a town where we might find a late night cafe and a decent place to sleep. Instead, it was just the lights from a wind farm many miles away from us. The lights traveled across a vast distance – unencumbered by city glare or smoggy clouds.

P is for Placid

Years ago I knew a family from Wisconsin. They never stopped extolling the virtues, the wonders, the perfection of their native state.

Well, after my husband came home from a trip to this mythical state with his own pictures, his own stories, I have to admit that I am impatient to see and experience such a beautiful, interesting, special place.

I wonder about the family that so missed their real home – the home of their hearts. I hope they were able to return.

O is for Oversized

While driving for innumerable miles on the brain-numbing interstate, it is exciting to spot a crazy tourist attraction in the distance


or when languidly cruising along a tree lined main street in a quiet town, it is startling to spy something quite out of the ordinary …

Oversize Switzerland Co Vevey Duck

Like a very well fed duck!

Or his friends …


Ahh, the fun of the Oversized !!

Oversize Horse 2

Four-wheeling on the highway!

It’s quirky …

Oversize Buoy Ohio Co Rising Sun

And delicious …


Happy neck-craning, eye-popping adventures!