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A Trip to Fort Sumter, near Charleston, SC

SC Fort Sumter1

A short boat ride from Charleston, SC transports visitors to the Fort Sumter National Monument. Be sure to allow plenty of time for this visit since there is a great deal to see inside the air-conditioned museum and throughout the grounds.

SC Ft Sumter Cannon1

These canons were completely covered with sand, debris and dirt for years before being discovered in the 20th century.

SC Ft Sumter8

One of the projectiles lodged into the brick wall. It’s chilling to imagine such devices flying through the smoky, sooty air with only one purpose.

SC Ft Sumter10

These huge cannon could be rotated from left to right on tracks set in the stone base as shown below.

SC Ft Sumter5

At one point in its history, Fort Sumter was used as an earthworks, so the openings for the cannons had to be bricked over to contain the dirt.

SC Ft Sumter4

Originally, these walls were approximately 50 feet above low tide.

SC Ft Sumter6

Tabby is an oyster shell based mortar used in the original construction of Fort Sumter, and utilized again during repairs in the 1870s.

SC Ft Sumter7

Another projectile.

SC Ft Sumter9

Silent passages allow quiet reflection.

Fifty-four soldiers and an unknown number of slaves were killed at Fort Sumter.

New Writers’ Group in TriState Area

Writers are odd folks. The very nature of their craft is one of solitude.

While some pensmiths join the rest of humanity on a caffeinated trek into a well-lit cubicle every morning, many other wordmongers type through a silent night that slips into a lavender and pearl dawn. The process is always the same, however; quiet observation and private inspiration culminates in solitary composition.

Many writers hope to find a community that respects the personal nature of the work, while encouraging real improvement in a supportive environment. The WordWrites Guild is dedicated to meeting those criteria.

From the tentative to the tenacious, all writers are truly welcome. This is the place to join other like-minded souls each month for lively discussions, practical exercises and the often elusive objective critique.

Please join us and lend your interests and talents to this burgeoning group. The first meeting will be held on Thursday, June 16th, at the North Dearborn Public Library from 6:30-7:30.

For more information please visit   or feel free to contact