Z is for Z’end

As the 2016 Blogging from A to Z Challenge comes to a close, I sincerely thank everyone who looked at, liked, commented upon, and shared my posts on this and my other two blogs (DiscoveringHome.com and SinclaireMonroe.com),  with friends, family and fellow-bloggers.

I know that I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering your blogs. I have been impressed with your creativity, and inspired by your talent. Thank you.

Below are some shots that I especially like, even if many were previously posted during this month-long-blog-a-thon. I hope you enjoy these pictures – and I hope you stop by again.

F is for Flashback

Unfortunately, I’ve been running a bit behind with this A to Z Challenge, so have decided to dig out some older photos to share with you – a visual walk down memory lane – in order to catch up a bit.

I hope you enjoy the stroll.


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